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Human Resources, Reimagined

Flexible, On-Demand HR Consulting

Human Resources is changing. The way businesses hire, engage, and retain employees is changing. Easily overcome these challenges with support from a certified HR consultant. 

Strategic Human Resource Consulting

Customized HR solutions give businesses the flexibility to respond to shifting priorities and goals.

Employee Handbooks
& Agreements

Recruiting & Onboarding

Hiring &

Training &

Payroll & Benefits

On-Demand HR
Consulting Services

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Meet Ethan

Ethan is an experienced HR Consultant committed to helping businesses find the solutions that help them grow, energize their employees, and realize leadership potential. Learn more about Ethan’s background and unique approach to serving his clients.

Schedule a free discovery call to learn more about scalable, on-demand human resource services.

HR Consulting trusted by over 250+ Businesses

Ethan works with a wide variety of companies in several industries, including Law, Finance, Education, Health, Technology, Retail, Marketing, and Consumer Services.

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 "He has become an extension of my organization"

“Ethan is a great consultant and supports my organization on all levels from recruiting, benefits administration, employee handbooks & policies, to dealing with difficult employee HR situations. He has become an extension of my organization and allows me the access to expansive HR resources as I need it! I have worked with Ethan for several years and as a consultant myself. I strongly value having Ethan as a trusted partner I can refer to my clients.”

- John Malikins, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Tomahawk Data Solutions, LLC

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