Ethan Hirschberg's success story starts where most entrepreneurs begin: with a big idea and zero cash.

Ethan Hirschberg was born into an upper middle class family in 2001, his father a pilot and his mother a clinical psychologist. His father and grandfather's entrepreneur backgrounds meant that Hirschberg was born to be a businessman. Ethan learned most of his business skills from his father. He taught him key business, technical, and ethical insights from a young age. These became Ethan's core philosophies, and the pillars upon which he would one day build his empire. Ethan started his first business, Ethan's Cool Stuff, at age seven and continued to manage major ventures throughout his teenage years. Then, one day, he had an epiphany - one that would effect the rest of his life as a student, employer, artist, and friend.

Diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at age two, Ethan experienced many highs and many lows. In 2017 while brainstorming another venture idea, Ethan founded his blog The Journey Through Autism, which would forever impact his life for the better. With this extraordinary success, Ethan found himself in the public spotlight.

Ethan Hirschberg has since launched GrowthClick Marketing Solutions, a renowned digital advertising and consulting firm; EBH Capital Ventures, a private equity portfolio; and his own book and motivational speaking tour.