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Marketing Consultancy Seeks Quality Sales Candidates

Marketing Consultancy Seeks Quality Sales Candidates

For Immediate Release:

December 7, 2019

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - The executive leadership team of GrowthClick Marketing Solutions is accepting applications for three sales position vacancies. GrowthClick Marketing Solutions is a visionary business and marketing consulting agency of lead-based practices whose strategized approach to contemporary business managerial and marketing issues outclasses clients from their industry competitors.

The mission of GrowthClick Marketing Solutions is to implement superior marketing strategy with originality, ingenuity, and innovation. The combination of comprehensive technical understanding, superior consulting training, and authentic experience is a powerful driver that unleashes the potential of clients' unique and visionary missions.

"The sales professionals of GrowthClick are some of our core employees who assist us in bringing quality clients to the table. Without them, and all of our other seasoned team members, the firm would not be as successful as is it today," said Ethan Hirschberg, CEO of GrowthClick Marketing Solutions.

Sales position compensation is based on tiered compensation. The sales department allows for a fast promotion track along with scheduled pay raises based on performance.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter.

Attn: Ethan Hirschberg, Chief Executive Officer


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